18 September 2012

Introductory Canning Class

Slow Food is about good, clean, and fair in our food supply, and part of that is eating food that is as local as possible. However, one of the challenges of living in our climate is that we have a limited growing season for many of the things we eat. So to continue eating at least some local foods year round, we encourage members to can their food, like tomatoes or peppers, to capture them at the peak of flavor and preserve them for eating in colder days.

Never canned before? We have the perfect opportunity for you. Suzanne Krowiak will be leading an introductory level preservation workshop at Ivy Tech Corporate and Culinary Center on September 30th, at 2pm. Suzanne is a mover and shaker in the local food scene, is the founder of Indy Food Swappers and also a Master Certified Preserver through the Purdue Extension program. We are privileged to have her expertise at this class, which will graciously be hosted in one of the brand new, still shiny kitchens of the Ivy Tech hospitality program. Don't have your jars or have run out of garden produce for the year? No problem, because for your $12.50 fee, we will provide jars, tomatoes, peppers, and everything else needed and you will get to take home the "fruits of your labor" in a nice jar to show the family.

Tickets are available at http://sfican.eventbrite.com/

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