11 November 2010

local, all-natural turkey....how much per pound?!

As the holidays approach, it's become part of the ritual to look at budgets and the bills that may be approaching, too.

If presents under the tree are in the forecast, does that mean the Thanksgiving turkey on the table needs...trimming?

The Cratchits' first goose was local but little and expensive. And is local more important than big and cheap?

A couple recent articles have got us thinking about this balance...the one that hinges on eating good, clean, and fair food and the expense of it. Michael Pollan--who'll be speaking in Indy this Friday, Nov. 12--considers a dozen eggs for $8. And Jessica Smith from Indiana's own This Old Farm breaks down a $100 turkey.

With Thanksgiving coming up--a holiday that focuses on food and the harvest--we wonder what you think about putting local, all-natural ingredients on the table and the cost of obtaining them. We hope you'll share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section here!

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