11 December 2008

Help Second Helpings

Below is a request from Second Helpings, a local organization that helps feed the hungry, save the waste, and share the resources. We hope you'll share your resources (volunteer, support, donate!) to help with a critical issue facing Second Helpings this season.


I'm Joe Hoog, Director of Food Rescue and Transportation for Second Helpings. Together with three staff drivers (Greg, Leonard and Richard) and 25 volunteers we rescue over 1.7 million pounds of food this year. The donated food is then prepared into nutritious meals. We deliver these meals to 50 other social service agencies in Indianapolis -- hot and ready to eat. Every day, our volunteers deliver 2,900 meals to hungry children and adults within our community!

In addition to our meals, we provide food to many of the food banks, food pantries, churches and agencies within the community (19 at latest count) who also feed hungry people. We need our two large box trucks and six vans to make this happen. Unfortunately, our most important trucks are dying of old age and overuse. In the last month we have struggled to keep them on the road (lots of costly trips to the repair shop). The simple translation is: no trucks, no food. Transportation is essential to what we do!

Our friends often ask how they can help during the holidays, so I am writing to let you know that a wonderful gift you could give this year would be a donation to help purchase a new truck or help underwrite the costs of maintaining or fueling one of our vehicles.

Please help us continue to serve the folks who need it most and allow us to keep feeding the hungry and less fortunate in our community. Thank you and best wishes for a joyous holiday season,


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