08 November 2008

Message from Founder Carlo Patrini

At the closing ceremony of Terra Madre the Vice President of Italy spoke via satellite. He was great ed with heckling from the Italian people that were in the stadium. In fact, they even started doing the wave while he was speaking. Carlo Patrini was the next speaker on the platform. He started by scolding the hecklers. He stated that Slow Food is now a leader in the world of Good, Clean and Fair food. As leaders it is critical to listen. Listen to those you agree with and to listen to those that you do not. But, it is most important to listen to those that you do not agree with. The Vice President of Italy is an outspoken proponent of using genetically modified products and fertilizers. And, even worse to the Italians, he likes President Bush. What they missed during his speech was that world leaders are taking note of Slow Food beliefs and have asked Slow Food to be present at the next G8 meeting.

-Chef Thom England

The follow is a message that Carlo sent out yesterday to the delegates:

Words can’t express my thanks and feelings of hope. Your confident assurance impressed all of us—not just Terra Madre organizers, but also the general public who followed your activities during those magnificent 4 days in Turin. You are the future, key figures in the third industrial revolution: the local economies you represent are already looking ahead, you know how to produce well and are already doing so, without abusing nature. A lot of people can learn from you and your message is becoming increasingly influential at all levels. A clear sign of this political strength we have acquired is the invitation we received to send a Terra Madre delegation to the next G8, to be held in Sardinia next year. It is an incredible occurrence. This is why, after the enormous boost we got from our time at the Oval and Palaolimpico in Turin, I think it is important to maintain the impetus, building on the energy you have shown. Now that you have returned home, it is time to achieve our common projects, continue your magnificent everyday work and reinforce the network we are creating together. I would like to repeat the invitation I made during the closing ceremony on October 26: organize Terra Madre events in your own countries, at national, regional and local level, in your villages or towns. Recapture the spirit of mutual exchange and encounter which you experienced in Turin, and inspire people who couldn't be present at our large event.Continue to believe in this project, your involvement represents a new force for good. It will improve the world as it spreads: the whole world is seeking the alternative which you embody.By organizing Terra Madre events around the world in the two years until our next meeting, politicians, associations, universities, cooks and opinion leaders will hear your voice, notice who you are and see that you are making a unique and valuable contribution. We will keep in touch, stick together and keep active: we will have a lot to celebrate, I am sure.

Carlo Petrini

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