05 May 2008

Apple Works Orchard

The weather was perfect for Slow Food’s Apple Works Orchard Tour last weekend. The sunny skies only accented the already magnificent display of 20 acres of apple trees in bloom. Sarah Brown and her husband started this orchard and their hard work is apparent. Sarah was our tour guide for the day and as she was sharing her wisdom of the apples her passion for them was evident. The number of varieties they grow is amazing and of course the familiar favorites are grown such as the Fuji apple but a few of Sarah’s favorites include Goldrush and Suncrest. These varieties as well as many others they grow you will probably not find in your local grocery store. In addition, the Turley Wine Sap is grown here which was discovered in Indiana.

Sarah also provided an apple bar desert and apple cider which they do also sell in their store for the Slow Food Indy pitch-in that followed the tour. The apple bar desert melted in our mouths and the group agreed it was the best apple cider we had ever tasted!

Visit the orchard this summer and enjoy apple tasting which Sarah compares to wine tasting. Sarah said that a wide away of flavors and aromas can be discovered in apples such as chocolate, banana and even coriander. In the fall the orchard also has pumpkins and squash.

Visit http://www.apple-works.com/ for more information.

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